Yearly summary

2016 has had many highs & lows: . What will 2017 have 4 us all?


Twitter ACCT reaches Maths Goal!

@treacl, my initial Twitter Profile has today achieved a target I’ve been wondering & aiming to achieve since I ‘finally got to 100’! Although it was a rocky journey of rises & falls, I’ve built a similar group of Followers, from my themed-Tweets! As I’m soon to begin a Mentorship Program with a successful Uni friend from years ago, I feel that this is a modern achievement worth sharing.

Toxic Influences

From an eventful range of sessions attended since Easter 16, I’ve begun to  realise part of the family dynamics that had effected my so. Some of the accusations include:

  • scapegoating
  • bullying
  • personality disorders
  • narcissist, sociopath & narcissistic sociopath
  • dysfunctional family
  • baiting

As a result of various advice & research, it seems that contact with them will have to be ended.