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Racing snails &/or Flying pigs?

Jul.18 (new financial yr) sees some long-awaited things start to show themselves:

Foreign Investments – Phoenix

NPC : BeConnected – Aged Care <> Internet

digitalAS Registration (ATO ABN BusCard)


CG Support Group

RCbbc.blog CSA Peer Support



eHealth Queensland is bringing Hacking Health to the eHealth Expo 2018. Hacking Health is an exciting  3-day event format which brings healthcare problems to multi-disciplinary & digital developer teams to create novel & Innovative solutions. It is amazing what can be achieved in three days working in a facilitated and focused format that encourages the best out of each and every participant.



Updates (Easter 18)

For my own comfort, things are really coming together:

✔️ StartUp, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

✔️ National Redress Scheme

✔️ NDIS Participant ACCT

✔️ QCAT-Perpetual-Legal Application proceeding

These results should see more capacity placed in my hands, with others in QCAT situations being able to base their future from this QCAT outcome.

Global Game Jam 18

With the opening nite of #GGJ18 #GGJ2018 reinforcing the animal-nature of grouping, I’ve been able to further develop the multi-layered concept of Augmented Reality. Through introduction of a simplistic search, tied into Climate Change, a game concept which invites Early Childhood’s inquisitive-nature is satisfied. In future plans, (research & testing) will be sourced through use of #TheCapital’s position in CBD. With more media to be shared, here’s an example of the ‘Global Game Jam 18’ Logo…