Justice, jails, and the “mentally ill”

BI often runs parallel to mental illness. Worth taking a further look, if interested.

Hopeworks Community

We have reaped what we have sown.  If you do not pay for the cost of mental health services you will pay for the consequences of “mental illness.”  Those who raise loud voices and debate what “we can afford to do” might look at the psychiatric hospitals our jails have become and consider for a moment “what we cant afford not to do.”

It is a debate already raging.  There are those who assure us that if we would build bigger and better psychiatric hospitals it would all be okay.  Like many easy answers this one gets betrayed by the facts.

1.  It assumes that things were better when we had bigger and better hospitals.  They werent.  People were not getting the treatment they needed.  They were going there to die.  And the road to their death was littered with abuse, horror, and pain.  The good old days were never…

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