It begins with the body

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind

If the body is stressed, and you don’t do something about it, the mind is going to suffer.

People love to separate “mind and body” as though the two could ever be separated. Many intellectually developed people I know — who are high-level professionals and leaders in their fields — are quite antagonistic towards their bodies. They don’t seem comfortable living in them. And when I try to explain how my state of body affects my state of mind, their eyes glaze over.

Or they congratulate me on figuring out something for myself, appearing to think that it’s my own special little trick I have for making myself feel better in the face of life’s existential onslaught.

So, I don’t go into it with them. I save my body-mind pep talk for people who get it and don’t need to be convinced.

By far — and I mean FAR —…

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