Deeper Understanding


I’m now realising that the more I learn about what had been taught of as ‘an unknown culture’ (Australian Indigenous Community) – the more I don’t know! The deeper I dig through the huge amount of info, the more I realise that there’s much more – not all is written down, a lot you have to experience.


3 thoughts on “Deeper Understanding

  1. The SSi 12 Summit resulted beyond expectations, with Australian Edu, Community & Cultural contacts being collated. Surprisingly, an additional resource was generated from a final table discussion! Obviously, much of Society needs to be engaged with others, who are also driven towards much-needed Changes, like these.

    • t- displayedTUT (REC)Wk 3 – Blue Card BRING> small/simple focus- tunes- non-verbal kids<+notes, 2 Ref>Schiller, P. & Phillips, P. (2002). The daily curriculum for early childhood : over 1,200 easy activities to support multiple intelligences and learning styles. Gryphon House, Inc., Beltsville, United States.(draft) INTRO- point format, visual thinker- SP, text overlay, (289) : experiences, qualifications, values, attitudesSocial-networkingNon-profitsPublic Speaking (‘Skills & Expertise’)Early Childhood’rapidly gaining understanding’ with children,QUT = Official Education of many past Teachers: QUT School of Early Childhood (prev. QTC & BKTC).Experiences include Child Care Centres (Jahjumbeen OCCC, Indooroopilly OSHC & C&K)Ready Reading at State Schools (Prep. & Yr 1)School Holiday Supervision (SLQ, Powerhouse & BSQ).’Getting down with the kids’ > “see eye-to-eye” with the Children; their Family; and their Community.Knowing individuals as UNIQUE involves understanding each of their backgrounds.As we are there to inspire ‘lifelong learning’, each child brings with them their own life-history (stories, images, history, genealogy). Whether individual or group settings, I will be prepared to adapt.Empathy towards our youth, natural attention to those with special-needs; Specialising in Music, Arts & Design; Prior experience with Architecture and IT places me as always prepared for change.– Sent from my HP TouchPad

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